Sulo Riviera Photo Shoot | Josel Bernadeth

About three years ago I met Josel at her sister’s 18th birthday… Back then I was Anna’s official photographer… I got a message from Anna a few weeks ago requesting for a photo… Continue reading

Corporate Events | China Ocean Shipping Co. (COSCO)

Origami | Flower

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m suddenly posting about origami… well, just recently during one of my shoots my friend / client Bonnie requested for me to document the steps on how to make… Continue reading

Manila Peninsula Photo Shoot | Julieanne

Rue Bourbon + Blue Leaf Engagement Shoot | Paolo & Bonnie

Vintage meets modern + afternoon tea concept 😀 Ok, let me give you a little background about the bride – she loves crafts. I remember her telling me that their bonding time (Pao… Continue reading

Richmonde Hotel Photo Shoot | Amiel’s Sweet Sixteen

Teaser | Paolo ❤ Bonnie

Paper flowers by Bonnie 😀 Steps on how to make this will be posted soon! 😀

Travels | Lipa Hut, Lipa Batangas

Welcome to LipaHUT! 😀 Home of the best Lomi in Lipa Batangas 🙂

1st Birthday | Kobe’s F1 Party

Happy, happy 1st birthday Kobe! Check out this one of a kind birthday party 🙂

Baras Rizal Wedding | Deneb & Maan