Century Park Hotel Debut | Marielle on the Move!

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body”

When God started pouring out talents, Marielle was blessed to catch a bunch of them.

Her birthday celebration was a major production. Believe it or not she danced from start to finish. I was so amazed by her performance. Aside from being a great dancer, God also blessed her with a beautiful voice. Wow! What a talented lady!

One of the things that made her birthday extra special was the participation of her friends from O.B. and U.P. Marielle and her friends danced the night away. She is blessed to have wonderful friends who are very supportive (you want to know how supportive they were? They rehearsed the dance steps with Marielle 4hrs before the party!)

Aside from her dance moves and wonderful voice, God also blessed her with a big heart.

Marielle, thank you for making us part of your birthday celebration. Continue to dream big! When you’re famous don’t forget me ha? Hehehe. You are indeed a great dancer and a wonderful singer. Thumbs up!!!

Thank you also to your Mom and Dad, they’ve been very nice to me and my team.

God bless you and your family more and more!