The Magic Stays with YOU…

Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom!

First of all, I’d like to thank the owner of Enchanted Kingdom (Mr. Mario Mamon) for giving us a generous amount of complimentary tickets – this is of course thru the help of my brother, Architect Paolo V. Angeles (A+M Designs).

Again, from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!

We welcomed the New Year with a BANG @ Enchanted Kingdom!

Thank you, Lord for the perfect weather and for short lines! hahaha!

Here’s our first and only group picture (right before we went wild over the rides & games! hahaha)

4D theater!

Roller Coaster Ride!

New York, New York…

This is where the Kids went “GAGA”…


Baby Blue Monkey with Banana.

with Eldar & the “Princess”

This is way, way too extreme for me.

Up, up & away!

Kiddie Roller Coaster Ride with Philippine Tourism Slogan! 🙂

Flying Fiesta – my mom’s favorite ride. I just don’t get it – she didn’t feel dizzy at all! I was like “please stop the ride! I’m getting DiiiZZZZZY!!!” hahaha

Heart shadows 🙂

ME and my cousin on board the WHEEL of FATE – enjoying the BREEZE!

Eldar with Architect Paolo!

lets play catch!

I remember the first time I entered this haunted house – I thought I was going to lose a shoulder (hahaha) my brother’s hand/weight was on me – with man fingers really gripping hard! hahaha! OUCH!



It feels so good to be with family… it’s amazing how time flies so fast – I remember back then when my mom would take me and my brothers to this magical place (10 or more years ago) we’d go gaga over the kiddie rides, fireworks & orange slurpee at the store near Anchors Away. Indeed, Enchanted Kingdom will always be part of my childhood & “adulthood” memories – hahaha.

It is true…


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